Take My Death Away | A Halloween Musical 2022

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Back for its third run!
October 17 – 29
Angelus Theatre (165 N. Main St, Spanish Fork)
7:30 PM (about 2.5 hours)


At the turn of the twentieth century in rural America, David and Sadie, an engaged couple, face tragedy when David suddenly dies. But death isn’t about to stop David’s unconquerable spirit. On the other side, he teams up with a ghost named Eve, who helps him find a way back. The journey is fraught with peril, and to get to Sadie before she marries another man, David may have to make a pact with an agent of the devil.

TAKE MY DEATH AWAY is an enchanting Halloween musical and romantic comedy, featuring haunting melodies and upbeat bluegrass music. After a successful run in 2020 with standing ovations and, in 2021, performances selling out, nearly every night, it’s back for 2022 with a new cast, new twists, new music, and even more magic.

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Parental Advisory

TAKE MY DEATH AWAY is a fantastic and uplifting romantic comedy, though it does have scary moments and is not recommended for young or sensitive children. We would give it a PG rating. It is comparable in content to HOCUS POCUS, GHOST, THE CORPSE BRIDE, and THE PHANTOM OF THE OPERA, including the following:

  • Themes of necromancy and demonic possession
  • Conversations about death and murder
  • Fantasy violence including stabbings and shootings
  • A man says the word “damn” and “hell”


Performances Times:

  • Mon, Oct 17th, 7:30 PM
  • Thu, Oct 20th, 7:30 PM
  • Fri, Oct 21st, 7:30 PM
  • Sat, Oct 22nd, 7:30 PM
  • Mon, Oct 24th, 7:30 PM (discounted)
  • Thu, Oct 27th, 7:30 PM
  • Fri, Oct 28th, 7:30 PM
  • Sat, Oct 29th, 7:30 PM
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36 reviews for Take My Death Away | A Halloween Musical 2022

  1. Andi Tripp (verified owner)

    Very well put together production. The story was truly funny and thrilling. A true delight.

  2. Brittney M (verified owner)

    I really enjoyed Take My Death Away. I have to admit that musicals aren’t typically my favorite type of theater, but this was one of those productions that worked in that the musical numbers really enhanced the storyline. It was very well balanced, engaging, and really fun to watch especially with a cast that was clearly having a lot of fun.

  3. Bailey S (verified owner)

    Amazing cast. Absolutely drew you into the story.

  4. Josh Udy (verified owner)

    It was very light hearted and a great musical for the spooky season.

  5. Jon A (verified owner)

    The cast, especially the male ghost, was very fun and enjoyable.

  6. Makayla B (verified owner)

    Great acting! Fun story!

  7. Lee Maes (verified owner)

    I loved the commitment of the actors into their performance.

  8. Emma (verified owner)

    This was my second year seeing this show! I love the story line , I absolutely loved the ghost and how it was also comedy, then just a love story. Amazing I can’t wait to see it next year !

  9. Camie Brinkerhoff

    Entertaining show and good acting presentation supporting a small town production

  10. Debbie West (verified owner)

    The actors were extremely good! My favorite parts were the comedic segments.

  11. Julie (verified owner)

    It was AMAZING! The actors were hilarious, and could all sing very well. Even though it was a small theater, the production far surpassed expectations. I enjoyed every bit of it! I would recommend this show to anyone. Great for families, or a date night. Not to scary, but still perfect for a Halloween activity. It had just the right amount of emotional scenes and comedy for relief.

  12. Rory F (verified owner)

    Great cast, awesome theater, and the front staff was very friendly.

  13. Janell Patton Becker (Facebook)

    Saw this last night- it was a cute story and the cast did a great job! Very entertaining!

  14. Rachel Mattinson Shakespeare (Facebook)

    Just watched this play. Absolutely fantastic! Definitely a new Halloween tradition.

  15. Bailey Sorensen

    Fantastic show! All of the actors have amazing voices and I was transfixed the entire time!

  16. Otp Park (Facebook)

    It was so well done and so much fun to see. We loved the energy here! We will be back!

  17. Debbie Andreason Sorensen (Facebook)

    Went to this show last night. To say it was great is an understatement! Fantastic cast, great story, wonderful music and voices.
    Loved the intimacy of this theater as well. Had a great time and will be back next Halloween season!

  18. Madi Hansen (verified owner)

    The group numbers were really well done! Everyone played off of each other so well and it was just a joy to watch. I couldn’t help but smile.

  19. Maria Poveda

    This was my first experience and I loved it. Staff pretty talented.

  20. Kristian P (verified owner)

    I like the small theater feel and the show was quite fun!

  21. Jereme P (verified owner)

    The set and the production was very well done, it was very enjoyable.

  22. Elizabeth Green

    The villain was the best. Great popcorn. Good prices.

  23. Melva Gifford (verified owner)

    Fun characters, especially the moaner.

  24. Tracey U (verified owner)

    Good show

  25. Elizabeth Adams

    Went to it last night, it was great!!! I enjoyed the music and writing. It had a nice balance of seriousness and comedy. The special effects were cool and creative. The actors did fantastic job! I convinced my brother to come and though he wasn’t super excited at first, said he thoroughly enjoyed the show. Amazing job everyone!

  26. Larry LaBrie (verified owner)

    Amazing sound and choreography. Pleasantly surprised with performance from a well seasoned theater lover.

  27. Kathy fausett (verified owner)

    I enjoyed every minute of the show.

  28. Tori A (verified owner)

    We like the venue. The staff was friendly and the actors were good.

  29. Mel Davis (verified owner)

    I loved the quality of the performance.

  30. Kirsten F (verified owner)

    I love the story and the music so much. Plus, this year they added so many fun dances and even juggling!

  31. Katie B (verified owner)

    The songs were absolutely fantastic! A perfect show for the Halloween season, there were so many twists and turns in the plot, as well as many lovable characters. This show pulls all of my favorite things about Halloween, and puts it on the stage.

  32. Rachael Gibson

    The originality of the storyline is intriguing and refreshing. I love the music!!!!

  33. Whitney Fraire (verified owner)

    Great acting!

  34. Vanessa Cardona (verified owner)

    I loved take my death away! The songs, the humor and the sets were perfect!

  35. Hayley M (verified owner)

    I loved the music and the story.

  36. Auntieleslie (Instagram)

    This was great! So fun for Halloween! Go see it!

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