We value the support of our patrons and community and want to make sure that everyone is comfortable and safe. Accordingly, you may have recently received an alert about a state of emergency regarding the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is the exact message:

State of Utah: COVID-19 is spreading rapidly. Record cases. Almost every county is a high transmission area. Hospitals are nearly overwhelmed. By public health order, masks are required in high transmission areas. Social gatherings are limited to 10 or fewer. Visit coronavirus.utah.gov/utah-health-guidance-levels to see your county’s information. Be careful!

Referencing the state guidelines as linked above, we are asked to restrict “social gatherings, such as family dinner, get togethers with friends, book club (not including formal religious services or educational events or gatherings with an event host).” While it may seem that live entertainment, such as a play, could qualify as a social gathering, the state guidelines categorize it under “Gatherings with an event host, such as live events, movie theatres, sporting events, weddings, recreation and entertainment“, for which masks, social distancing, sanitized surfaces, and other guidelines are required. However, the guidelines also make exceptions for performers:

Masks are required; performers/athletes are exempt while performing

We have been following all of the state guidelines for events and indoor businesses (with additional precautions that aren’t required, such as taking temperatures of our performers). We have been very concerned with following these guidelines in order to keep this show afloat (and, of course, to be good citizens and to avoid spreading the disease). Rest assured that, so long as you come with a mask and help us keep social distancing, neither we nor you will be ignoring the state orders or the emergency alert by continuing with performances. We’re blessed to be in a state with leaders that know the value and importance of inspiring entertainment for the good of the community (especially during times like these) and very much want the show to go on. We look forward to seeing you!


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