A Krampus Karol

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December, 2021

A Krampus Karol

American children
Have nothing to fear
Except for a black lump of coal.
Europe’s small children,
If naughty this year,
Must verily fear for their souls.

You’re as Good Man, Charlie Brown meets Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, with a touch of Tim Burton, in this mildly dark comedy by Stephen Gashler. For hundreds of years, Christmas was a time for bone-chilling suspense as fearsome monsters teamed up with Santa Claus to administer divine retribution against the naughty. Sadly, the most celebrated of these goat-legged sensations, Krampus, never seemed to make it across the Atlantic. It’s time to remedy that with an all-new, whimsical Christmas tradition destined to take its place as a Christmas classic. (Not recommended for young children.)

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