A Krampus Karol

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Great Hall Theatrical Experiences at the Angelus Theatre

December 6 – 18
Angelus Theatre (165 N. Main St, Spanish Fork)
7:00 PM (about 2.5 hours)


American children
Have nothing to fear
Except for a black lump of coal.
Europe’s small children,
If naughty this year,
Must verily fear for their souls.

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown meets Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None, with a touch of Tim Burton, in this mildly dark comedy by Stephen Gashler. For hundreds of years, Christmas was a time for bone-chilling suspense as fearsome monsters teamed up with Santa Claus to administer divine retribution against the naughty. Sadly, the most celebrated of these goat-legged sensations, Krampus, never seemed to make it across the Atlantic. It’s time to remedy that with an all-new, whimsical Christmas tradition destined to take its place as a Christmas classic. (Not recommended for young children.)


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