Bums! A 1920’s Musical Comedy (Live/Virtual Tickets)

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March 15 – 27
(Live / Virtual tickets available)
Angelus Theatre
165 N Main St
Spanish Fork, UT

“I left the theater smiling and hungry for more” — Utah Theatre Bloggers


In 1929, a daydreaming businessman named Edward feels trapped in his drab routines. Then he crosses paths with a homeless woman named Filthy Fran, who shows Edward a world of unstructured freedom. But going against the grain brings on the resistance of Edward’s fiancee, his family, and the corporate world. Why won’t society just let him be a bum? Get ready to laugh and be inspired by this swinging, 1920’s comedy.

Viewing Options

This show can be viewed live at the Angelus Theatre (165 N Main St, Spanish Fork, UT) or online via a private Youtube link with a virtual ticket. A professional video team recorded both casts with three cameras and are currently editing the videos to create the best virtual experiences. While these are not live broadcasts, they will debut on March 24th at 7:30 PM and will be available to view for approximately two weeks after the debut.

Edward Cast

March 12 (Preview) 15, 17, 19, 20 (7:30), 23, 25, 27 (2:30)

  • Alison Hatfield – Officer
  • Amanda Wilson – Filthy Fran
  • Ashley Porcelli – Chalulah
  • Ben Spencer – Chorus
  • Brad Southard – Mr. Engerman
  • Brandon Pack – Weasel
  • Gabi Grooms – Mildred
  • Hannah Spencer – Rhubarbara
  • Jenny Mattice – Chorus
  • Jessica Lifferth – Judge
  • Kylie Holmes – Chorus
  • Lisa King – Chorus
  • Madison House – Mubble
  • Matthew Delafuente – Dirk
  • Parker Huefner – Chorus
  • Peter Johnson – Edward
  • Rebeckah Davis – Pansy
  • Stephen Gashler – Chorus
  • Steve Whitehead – Chorus
  • Teresa Gashler – Chorus
  • Trixy Tsai – Norma

Rhubarbara Cast

March 16, 18, 20 (2:30), 22, 24, 26, 27 (7:30)

  • Alison Hatfield – Officer
  • Amanda Wilson – Mubble
  • Andrew Whittaker – Edward
  • Ashley Porcelli – Chorus
  • Ben Spencer – Chorus
  • Brandon Pack – Chorus
  • Chelsea Tramell – Rhubarbara
  • Gabi Grooms – Filthy Fran
  • Gary Taylor – Mr. Engerman
  • Jenny Mattice – Chorus
  • Jessica Lifferth – Judge
  • Kylie Holmes – Chorus
  • Lisa King – Pansy
  • Madison House – Mildred
  • Matthew Delafuente – Chorus
  • Parker Huefner – Chorus
  • Rebeckah Davis – Chorus
  • Stephen Gashler – Weasel
  • Steve Whitehead – Dirk
  • Teresa Gashler – Chalulah
  • Trixy Tsai – Norma

Bums Jr! (Free)

Bums! Jr. Acting WorkshopThe Bums Jr! cast is comprised entirely of youth actors. Come see these talented, future stars put on a delightful, mini version of the show al la Little Rascals.

Wednesdays and Thursdays are discounted.

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8 reviews for Bums! A 1920’s Musical Comedy (Live/Virtual Tickets)

  1. Michelle

    It was so nice to be able to see a show when everyone else was cooped up at home… life seemed to be a bit better being able to be in a theater with an energetic cast. The small theater is quite quaint. It is different than any other theater and it’s nice to have a performance that isn’t Hallmark type Hale/Broadway (I love them too, but nice to see something entirely different).

  2. Jess

    The play was okay. But the music was way loud and it was really hard to hear the singing. Also the lights whited out some of the actors.

  3. Kim Meyer (verified owner)

    The show was amazing! The songs were awesome! Loved every second!

  4. Ann How (verified owner)

    I was pleasantly surprised by how funny this musical farce was. I’d go again for another good hard belly laugh. I was looking for a fun in-theater experience, this fit the bill.

  5. Emily Porcelli

    Such a fun show to see, and a great way to forget about your worries and just let loose. The cast is very devoted and passionate. I think this show has a bright future. I do think that filthy Fran and Edward would have a better connection if when they met it wasn’t just happenstance. It’s a great show and I loved seeing it.

  6. Ariah

    Watch the show or I will smash your collection of porcelain rabbits.

  7. Joshua

    Absolutely amazing performance! I’d highly recommend this for anybody who’s looking for a fun and relaxing evening!

  8. Aspen

    nice show. I would totally recommend it.

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