Gideon Versus the Gods of Cool 2023


Great Hall Theatrical Experiences at the Angelus Theatre

After an exciting concert debut in 2022, the epic show is back for its first full-scale production, a rocking adaption of the highly-rated Young Adult novel, coming live to the Angelus Theatre! Get tickets before they’re sold out:

June 12 – 24 2023
Angelus Theatre
165 N Main St, Spanish Fork


STRANGER THINGS meets HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL meets PERCY JACKSON in this hilarious new “rock opera” set in the 1980s, with music in the style of Michael Jackson, David Bowie, Blondie, The Bangles, Dead or Alive, Simple Minds, Berlin, Rick Springfield, and more. Made by the creators of VALHALLA | A VIKING ROCK OPERA, TAKE MY DEATH AWAY, and A KRAMPUS KAROL and based on the highly-rated young adult novel, this debut production of GIDEON VERSUS THE GODS OF COOL promises a rocking, good time for all ages. This event will be performed concert style.

Gideon Greenwich, a delinquent nerd, is given two choices: join the football team or be expelled. To be “initiated” into the team, Gideon attends a fraternity party, where he has a startling discovery: the jocks are being controlled by an evil god of sports! As the conspiracy unfolds, it appears that the entire high school has been hijacked by otherworldly beings posing as teachers. To resist their dark powers, Gideon must look beyond social cliques and team up with star quarterback, Doug Rock, and the beautiful cheerleader, Cynthia McDaniels.

Together, the unlikely friends take on the god of sports, the goddess of fashion, and the god of popularity. But defying the “gods of cool” takes courage, a willingness to look stupid, and mind-bending adventures through parallel universes. In this thoughtful and hilarious coverage of high school life, national award-winning storyteller, Stephen Gashler, will make you reconsider what it means to be “cool”.


“The elements of the story end up beautifully woven together into an ingenious tapestry of thought, wit, and humor that will leave a lasting impression along with a fresh outlook on life” (Amazon Reviewer)

“The power in this [story] starts imperceptibly only to crescendo with torrential wisdom. Perfect for anyone who is searching for center” (B Randall McNair , author)

“Stephen Gashler has an incredible imagination and an extremely fun way of telling stories. Not only does he tell a great story, he absolutely loves doing it. Creative, fun, subversive … if you’ve ever been to high school, or lived those teenage years yourself … you’re going to love it” (William McAllister).

“Gashler perfectly captures the complex clique culture of Junior High in this delightful satire … a lot of “laugh-out-loud” moments, but, in the end, leaves [you] with something to think about” (Donna L).

“I loved it! … It was such an original story but was very familiar in how Gideon feels alone, has difficulty finding his place and discovers some of the pitfalls of popularity. I was highly entertained and felt like I was learning important lessons about life all at once!” (Amazon Reviewer)

“Great … original premise. It really hits on the magic and awkwardness of high school, cliques, and relationships. I would’ve wanted to be friends with Gideon and his posse. Really fun!” (Margot H, Amazon Reviewer)

“It’s new and fun. I think my teen and preteen boys would have fun [with this]. I know I did” (Samuel R. Gibson).


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