Great Hall Performing Arts Festival Application


Audition Deadline: June 1st

All playwrights, directors, actors, singers, songwriters, dancers, comedians, magicians, puppeteers, storytellers, and other kinds of creators and performers are invited to apply to compete in the Great Hall Performing Arts Festival at the Angelus Theatre (165 Main, Spanish Fork). See the event page for a list of categories and cash prizes. Whatever your creative or performing talent (as long as it’s appropriate for general audiences), chances are it can fit into one of the festival categories.

This is a festival for creators and performers in Utah. You must be a resident of Utah and able to attend the festival in order to compete. All works must be original. Cover songs or fan fiction of contemporary works will not be accepted. An exception is if you’ve legally created a completely new work inspired by another work. For example, you could compete with a new song or play incorporating elements from Lewis Carol’s Wonderland, because Lewis Carol’s works are in the public domain.

Want to be a part of the festival, but don’t have an original work? That’s okay! Click here or on the button below to let us know you’d like to help out as an actor, director, crew member, etc.

Get Involved

If you’re a creator and want to submit a script or audition with an act, continue scrolling down for the application.

How the Festival Works

For Plays

  1. Submit your script (using the form below) to our selections committee. If your script is chosen, we will find a director and actors for your play (or you can do this yourself).
  2. Your director and actors will practice performing your play.

For Other Creators and Performers

  1. Apply to audition by filling out this form.
  2. Prepare your act for an audition.
  3. Audition in person or through video (details in form).
  4. Finalists will be invited to compete.
  5. Practice your performance.

For Everyone

  1. Your group will be assigned one tech rehearsal and one dress rehearsal at the Angelus Theatre (between June 6 – 11).
  2. Your group will perform at your assigned night(s) (June 13 – 17). They may also be invited to perform at the awards ceremony.
  3. All applicants (finalists or not) are invited to attend their appropriate awards ceremony on June 25th.
  4. Winners take home prizes.




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