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Utah’s Biggest Liar Application


Deadline: March 29, 11:00 PM

To apply to compete for Utah’s Biggest Liar and a $100 cash prize, you’ll need to audition by recording and sharing a video of yourself telling a tall tell. This does not need to be a professional recording, and using a phone is fine. Do not edit the video, as we want to see a natural performance. We know it won’t be perfect. Finalists will be chosen from the submissions and invited to compete at the event. Whether or not you’re chosen as a finalist, your application fee will also count as one ticket to the event. There is no cap on the number of video applications we’ll receive, so take time to develop your story as best as you can before auditioning.

Your story can be as short as you’d like, but it can’t be longer than six minutes. It must be an original story (first person is usually best) and a tall tale. Tall tales start out as believable and gradually build up to be ridiculous. The most common mistakes are to (1) introduce the unbelievable element too soon or (2) tell a story that isn’t a tall tale. Here is an example of an award-winning story. Also, look over this rubric to help you craft an award-winning story. Good luck!

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    1. steve

      Rodney, thanks for the feedback, and we hope you will compete! We probably need to explain this better in the description, but the video submissions are instead of live auditions (as were formerly held), from which finalists will be chosen, and there’s no cap on the number of auditions we’ll receive. Thus I don’t know what benefit there would be in allowing people to submit once without a video link and then again with one. There’s still plenty of time to submit, and the video doesn’t need to be high quality. Any basic phone recording will be do.

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