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See what Utah is Saying about Take My Death Away!

This week is your last chance to see all the ghoulish delights of TAKE MY DEATH AWAY! There are still a few offerings for both live and virtual performances, to be sure to grab your ticket online before they’re all gone! Still can’t decide if you want to see it? Here’s what some of our patrons had to say about TAKE MY DEATH AWAY:

I loved this play!!!! The music was fantastic, and the plot was eerily intense, but also humourous! Such a fun way to celebrate the Halloween Season. — Kelly W.

Fun show for all! My kids and I loved it! Lots of laughs and the beautiful songs were mesmerizing! –Kaydee S.

Great show! We loved the depth in the story and the humor. Perfect for the Halloween season and awesome music! — Kathryn E.

Click HERE to purchase tickets!

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Ghostly Romance: The Love Story behind Take My Death Away

The cast and crew of TAKE MY DEATH AWAY are busy working hard to bring to life the (surprisingly lively) afterlife that our characters find themselves in after their untimely demises. In the meantime, let’s take a look the ghostly romance that takes place in this original Halloween Musical:

Separated from his fiancé through the curtain of death, David is determined to find a way to return to the living with the help of his new friend Eve. As they find success in this endeavor, the thought of being parted begins to make them realize how much they mean to one another…

Meanwhile, bereaving fiancée Sadie struggles to move on while being haunted by ghostly apparitions. Isaac, a young doctor that Sadie works under, attempts to help Sadie complete her grieving. He hopes that she might consider him as a suitor instead. Though skeptical of the supernatural, Dr. Isaac is truly concerned for Sadie’s welfare…

Will the living (and dead) find love once again? Or is death a barrier that even love cannot break through?

You’ll have to watch TAKE MY DEATH AWAY this coming October to find out! Click here for tickets and more information on this Halloween Musical!

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Take My Death Away: A Halloween Musical with a Spooktacular Romance

The leaves are beginning to change color and the weather is getting cooler here in Utah. No doubt, fall is in the air. But something else lingers in the air of the Angelus Theatre… It’s the smell of rotten corpses and the cries of restless immortals.

Great Hall Theatrical is pleased to announce TAKE MY DEATH AWAY, an enchanting Halloween musical and romantic comedy, written by Stephen and Teresa Gashler:

At the turn of the twentieth century in rural America, David and Sadie, an engaged couple, face tragedy when David suddenly dies. But death isn’t about to stop David’s unconquerable spirit. On the other side, he teams up with a ghost named Eve, who helps him find a way back. The journey is fraught with peril, and to get to Sadie before she marries another man, David may have to make a pact with an agent of the devil.

This coming October you can see it virtually from anywhere or live at the Angelus Theatre in Spanish Fork. You won’t want to miss this spooktacular bluegrass Halloween Musical!

For more information, click here!