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Get ready to rock with this epic, musical theatre adventure. In the year 822, a band of Vikings raids a Saxon nunnery. But when the battle goes sore, Sven, an inexperienced Viking, is separated from his clansmen. Needing to find a way back to Norway, he makes a hostage of a nun named Mary. Together they face a perilous voyage on a stolen ship, a journey that takes them to the edge of life and into the magical realm of the gods.

What began as a successful Kickstarter project and a rocking album grew into a series of concerts, music videos, and many full scale productions.

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  • A license to produce this work (under the terms you specify in the form below).
  • The script
  • The music (sheet music, karaoke tracks, cast recordings)
  • Cover art, poster templates, and more marketing resources
  • Ongoing support from Great Hall. Need help changing the key of a song? Just let us know!
  • No printing restrictions (make as many copies of the script as you need)
  • No additional royalties or fees. Keep 100% of your earnings.
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